bloom balance facial cupping kit

Our Facial Cupping kit draws from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to brighten skin, stimulate collagen production, release facial tension and sculpt the cheek-bones, jawline and neck.

Using our gentle and effective cupping relief rituals will leave you feeling calm, radi-ant and relaxed without any of the side effects of regular cupping (no bruises or red marks here!)—just flawless, glowing skin!

Ready to squeeze, glide and glow your way to beautiful, healthy skin?

Facial Cupping demonstration    

comes with 6 everyday healing rituals

Our Facial Cupping Kit works by creating a gentle suction on the skin to lift away fascia from the underlying tissue and muscle to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage. This technique boosts collagen production, reduces puffiness and improves the look of fine lines to create smoother, brighter and ultra glowy skin.

the jawdropper for a sculpted jawline | the cheek chiseler for rosy cheeks | the eye opener for bright eyes | the brow popper for a lifted forehead | the scoop neck for a smooth neck | the off the shoulder for a smooth decolletage

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