Travel Clinic at Queen’s University


What can you expect at your Travel Consultation?

  • The Registered Nurse or Pharmacist affiliated with the International Society of Travel Medicine will:
  • Review your medical history, immunization records and planned itinerary for your personal needs.
  • Dispense, by prescription, any drugs or immunizations that are recommended for your trip
  • Give you your shots.  We use a very easy relaxation technique whenever necessary to ensure you feel good during your visit.
  • Give you official documentation of immunization as required for travel (i.e. Yellow Fever Certificate of Vaccination)
  • Give you personalized record of immunizations given during your visit.
  • Explain how to avoid common diseases and other dangers at your destination
  • Discuss strategies for dealing with medical emergencies while abroad
  • Give you personalized trip report generated by TRAVAX, a subscription-based, up-to-the-minute resource for travel health
  • FREE parking. Please park in the underground lot at the end of Clergy Street (at Division Street). Take the elevator to the main floor, check in at DrugSmart Pharmacy and present your parking ticket to the cashier before you leave.


Additional Costs

  • Medications including vaccines recommended during your visit are often covered by private drug plans. We are able to bill directly for these to most insurance companies.
  • Consultation fees are not usually covered.
  • Over-the-counter travel items are available at student-friendly prices.


Book online as soon as you book your trip! Or call us at 613.507.7775.