Pharmacists, pharmacy students and interns in Ontario are now permitted to administer vaccines to any patient older than five years for 13 vaccine-preventable diseases in the following circumstances:

  • you have been prescribed a Schedule I vaccine; and/or
  • you require a Schedule II vaccine

The following table outlines which vaccines you are able to receive at DrugSmart Pharmacy:

 Vaccine Drug Schedule
Haemophilus Influenza Type B (flu shot)
II (no Rx required)
Hepatitis A
I (Rx only)
Hepatitis B Adult
I (Rx only)
Hepatitis B Pediatric
II (no Rx required)
Hepatitis A+B
I (Rx only)
Herpes Zoster
I (Rx only)
Human Papillomavirus (HPV vaccine commonly known as Gardasil)
II (no Rx required)
Japanese Encephalitis
I (Rx only)
II (no Rx required)
II (no Rx required)
I (Rx only)
Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG)
I (Rx only)
I (Rx only)
I (Rx only)
Yellow Fever*
I (Rx only)

*There is a national shortage of the Yellow Fever vaccine, and as such you will be required to visit a designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. We have designated centres located in Kingston and Peterborough.

How does it work? 

We recommend calling your local DrugSmart ahead of your visit to ensure there are no stock issues with the vaccine that you need. There will be a $15 injection fee for your visit, unless you had a travel consult with Travel Health Now in which case your first injection fee was included in your consultation fee. Please be prepared to wait 15 minutes for observation after getting your vaccine.

What if I don't yet have a prescription for my Schedule II vaccine?

For travel vaccines you can book an online consultation with one of our ISTM-certified travel health practitioners. Your consultation fee includes your first $15 injection fee.

    This is a DrugSmart-certified service.

    This service and its associated providers meet the standards set out in the DrugSmart Pharmacy Commitment to Care. All decisions and processes are guided by these five core principles:

    1. Transparent. Be open, be kind, be honest.
    2. Bright. Be positive, be creative, be innovative.
    3. Driven. Never be satisfied. Always strive to be better.
    4. Service above all else. Be a champion for your customers, your patients, and your colleagues.
    5. Pride. Be proud to #BeDrugSmart.

    Should you ever have an experience with a DrugSmart team member or service that doesn't meet the above Commitment to Care standards, please let us know.

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